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The foreign exchange market is one of the largest and also most volatile markets in the world with an average daily turnover of over US$ 1.5 trillion. Price quotes fluctuate almost constantly with dominant interbank traders who follow the dollar's movement virtually tick by tick. Their job is to make price moves or create volatility in order to benefit from these moves. That's why dollar can rise one and a half yen (150 basis points) against Japanese yen in a day and then fall two yen the next day without any news or fundamental reason.

The use of technical analysis, a method of studying price action based primarily on price and the trading volume, is very useful and can very often give reasonably good results in predicting future price movement. The purpose of technical analysis is to identify a trend in its early stage and to trade in the direction of that trend. "The Trend Is Your Friend" advises every speculator to follow just that.

Because of the size and volatility of the global Forex market, technical analysis is widely considered a necessary tool when there are many willing buyers and sellers at all times and no single large player (even a central bank) can have a long lasting impact in this market.

The "Dynamic Trading Approach" that we use is the technical analytical approach developed in-house by Wilson Leung and our analysts throughout the years. It has been time-tested and continually improved over time. It enables us to identify an emerging trend very early, often capturing the highs and lows, and helps our users trade with the new trend before others notice it.

Dynamic Trading Approach is a synergic combination of:

1. Trend analysis and pattern recognition
2. Trend following indicators and oscillators (includes Exponential Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, DMI, ADX, RSI & Stochastics).
3. Retracements and projections.
4 Elliott Wave Theory.


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