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Banking Users

Trendsetter is one of the few companies in the world that provides its users with genuine real-timecommentaries and trading recommendations focusing on the world's largest market – foreign exchange.

Our commentaries on DLR/DMK first appeared on Reuters page AABB in 1984. Since then, Trendsetter has come a long way. As a global specialist data provider, our coverage now extends to more than 20 different instruments with a primary focus on Foreign Exchange market, serving a wide range of users from professional investors, corporations to top-tier banks in over 60 countries. FX dealers in world's most leading banks now regularly use Trendsetter's trading recommendations.

Below are screen shots of the contents available on Reuters. For more information, please contact us.

Screen Shorts Of The Analysis Available On Reuters
Trendsetter Index Page on Reuters
Intra-day & Daily Recommendations on SAME PAGE
Weekly Recommendation & Medium Term Outlook
Daily & Weekly plus Medium Term Outlook on Minors
Daily Technical Outlook
Daily & Weekly plus Medium Term Outlook on Futures
Strategy Overview (I)
Strategy Overview (II)
Market Moving News Alerts
Daily Range

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