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Analyst Team
Led by world-renowned technical analyst Wilson Leung, we have a team of 7 analysts monitoring the market and updating our recommendations and commentaries 24 hours a day. We provide genuine real-time forex market commentaries and trading recommendations to both Reuters and Internet users in over 60 countries around the world.

We use the "Dynamic Trading Approach" that is developed in-house by Wilson Leung and our analysts throughout the years. It has been time-tested and continually improved over time. It enables us to identify an emerging trend very early, often capturing the highs and lows, and helps our users trade with the new trend before others notice it.

Our key strengths are:

Precise Recommendations
No-nonsense clear-cut recommendations that include specific entry, stop, target levels.
Full coverage of the market
As long as the market opens, we’re there providing insights to you.
Real-time updates
Foreign exchange is a fast market, being real-time is a vital ingredient for trading, analysis of an hour ago can sometimes become useless.
Multi time-frame recommendations
To trade forex, we believe one needs to know the short term, medium term and long term trend. Providing intra-day, daily, weekly and medium term analysis and recommendations is our unique feature.



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