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AceTrader's forex trading recommendation and market commentaries service packages provide in-depth real-time analysis and strategies for each currency, literally tracking the currency's movement in the forex market throughout the day. Also, we provide detailed daily technical outlook to give our users a feel for the market each day.

Led by world renowned technical analyst Wilson Leung, we have a team of 7 analysts monitoring the market and updating our recommendations and commentaries 20 hours a day.

Our key strengths are:

Precise Recommendations
No-nonsense clear-cut recommendations that include specific entry, stop, target levels
Full coverage of the market
As long as the market opens, we’re there providing insights to you.
Real-time updates
Foreign exchange is a fast market, being real-time is the vital ingredient for success, analysis of an hour ago can sometimes become useless.
Multi time-frame recommendations
To trade the market, one need to know the short term, medium term and long term trend. Providing intra-day, daily, weekly and medium term analysis and recommendations is our unique feature.

Sound Alert :
Sound alert is available now in AceTrader. You don't need to be 'glued' to the screen any more. Whenever there is change in Strategy/Entry Level, Position, Objective or Stop-Loss, you'll hear a beep sound. You can focus on something else and check us out only when you hear the sound alert.

Move the mouse to the image to hear how it 'sounds' like.

Key Features of our Services:
Daily Technical Outlook
Provides detailed analysis of USD/YEN, EUR/USD, USD/CHF and GBP/USD every day
highlights important support and resistance levels, retracement and projection analysis, and technical indicators used in forming our trading recommendations.
With this, you’ll know what is likely to happen during the day and what to expect next when a certain support or resistance is broken.

Intra-day Strategies
Up-to-the minute update around the clock
Provides users with our views and recommendations at that moment
A unique 20-50 pips range forecast for close monitoring of the intraday movements
Aim at quick 30-50 pips profits trades throughout the day for intra-day traders

Daily Strategies
Updated 3 times a day with interim up-to-the minute special updates
Provides users with our views and recommendations at that moment
Aim at 70 – 150 pips overnight traders for position traders

Weekly Strategies
Updated every Monday to give a forecast and trading recommendation for the week.
Specially designed for position traders looking for bigger moves of 200 points or more.

Medium Term Outlook
Monthly forecast
Give an overall market of one month and slightly longer

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