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Intra-day trading, also known as Day Trading, is the system where you take a position on a security and release that position before the end of that day's trading session. Thereby making a profit for yourself in that buy-sell or sell-buy exercise. All in one day.

Our intra-day service is characterized by multiple trades executed to take advantage of small price movements in FX market, trading positions are generally held for minutes or hours and generally are closed out overnight. There are many advantages of intra-day trading:

  1. Take advantage of highly volatile forex market, Make more pips in a day
    Trading opportunities are more frequent in forex market than other securities as the market is volatile, if you can trade with daily chart, you will see similar trades more often on intra-day chart.

  2. No overnight risk
    There is no overnight risk if a major piece of news hits your market after the close.

  3. Potential loss is minimized by stop loss
    Potential losses due to events that occur during the trading day can usually be minimized with the use of strict stop loss, you can cut losses very quickly.

  4. Returns are very fast
    Less reliance on one or two trades a year to make money. Less chance of losing months.
  • 20 years of history in providing forex market analysis and trading recommendations to institutional traders

  • True 24 hours real-time analysis for up-to-the-minute recommendations and analysis

  • Provide real-time updates that adjust our trading position timely

  • Proven analytical approach used by professionals

  • Proven consistency and performance track record in our recommendations

  • All of our signals give you clear Buy or Sell price, and also Stop Loss and Objective points

Results never lie, you can take a look at our trading performance summary for 2014 as belows. Our intra-day result is always much better than our daily result though both signals are profitable.

Our 2014 USD/JPY Intra-day cumulative trading results

Our 2014 EUR/USD Intra-day cumulative trading results

Our 2014 USD/CHF Intra-day cumulative trading results

Our 2014 GBP/USD Intra-day cumulative trading results

The performance indexes published here are based on our recommended trades and are for the User's reference only. The details of each trade and its results are disclosed in our Member login area, in the 'Trade Record' section. Please see also our Disclaimer statement at this link:

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